Passengers: max 4

3000 sek* – per hour
3500 sek* – per hour between May 1 – June 25

We offer a world-unique stretched classic Rolls Royce limousine, only 4 known copies in the world.
This Rolls Royce is built and adapted to suit the bride and groom’s wishes. The wooden panels are cut in walnut with roses as a motif, the carpets on the floor are hand-knotted and made in Kashmir in India. The crystal glasses are hung in holders from the 1880s, the table has been designed with the bride and groom’s need for Champagne and flower holders for the bridal bouquet in mind. The car is equipped with large make-up mirrors that fall from the roof, has a good legroom and an extra large door for the bride to easily enter if she has a large dress. With this unusual design, the car is the only one of its kind in the whole host.

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