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About Us


StretchLimo is a site that collects extended limousines in one place from different companies in Stockholm. The cars that we have carefully selected are the cars we think are worth being called luxury stretch limousines. These are cars that are in the best condition, newer models, fresh and always freshly cleaned when they arrive at the customer. These are cars where you do not have to be ashamed when they arrive at e.g. your wedding or pick up the guests from the airport. These are limousines that do not drive drunk customers from nightclub to nightclub. The cars we offer are in a class of their own, adapted for slightly more luxurious occasions where you can enjoy modern interiors while the cars themselves are unique and new. Many of our customers are wedding customers, hotel guests, transfers from/to airports, companies that arrange pick-up of their guests, various corporate events, shows at trade fairs and events, various media productions such as films and music videos. All our drivers are experienced, all have professional traffic training, taxi identification, are used to all possible transports such as. weddings with different nationalities and traditions, many of them have multilingual knowledge and all hold the concepts of service and discretion as keywords. Of course with good local knowledge within Stockholm.
We arrange cars for stands, fairs, film productions, music videos and more. Cars that will turn heads-its our promise!

Special Offers


Since we at Stretchlimo love to run weddings, which we have done for over 10 years, we have specialized in weddings from all continents and with all kinds of traditions. Limousines we offer are always fresh, clean and in top condition. It is precisely what you’d expect on your important day; a beautiful limousine and absolutely no surprises.
We have three wedding packages to choose, or we tailor a package according to your wishes and submit a quote for this. You can use the limo during photography, to and from a hairdresser, for the pick-up and the drop-off of the couple at the wedding ceremony and finally, for the arrival at the banquet.
Some of our limousines have a jet door which makes a great impression at the entrance to the assembly rooms or the church. It looks luxuriously and glamorously on photo, video and in the eyes of the guests.

Read about our wedding deals.


Book your limousine for the prom now!

Be sure to get your dream limo to prom before they’re all booked. Stockholm Offer:
No matter where you are picked up in Stockholm, an hour’s journey before arriving at the prom:

Since most proms take place on a weekday during rush hours, we leave a fixed price no matter how long it takes for the limo to get to your pick-up location in Stockholm. The price includes a full drive from and to the garage. This includes any unfortunate problems, like traffic.


Book a limo for Christmas dinner! If you book one of our limousines between Sunday and Thursday, we’ll give a total of 20% discount on all of our limousines. Include the words ‘X-Mass Limo’ when sending en inquiry.

This offer is based on the limousine availability.


For special temporary offers follow us on social media! Discount may be offered due to low season, introduction of a new vehicle or simply because we feel a little extra excited just then.

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Wedding Deals

White Limousine to the wedding is a must, and Stretchlimo offers three different luxury packages for all couples in who are planning their special day. These offers are valid through the whole year. These luxury package includes one of our limousines, a chauffeur dressed for the occasion and a bottle of a non-alcoholic sparkling wine. The wedding couple can enjoy the ride with our glamorous, fully equipped limousines before and after the wedding. There are no additional charges within Stockholm with these three generous wedding deals.


White limousine with a well-dressed chauffeur for the occasion at your disposal in nine consecutive hours in Stockholm including two bottles of sparkling wine, jelly hearts candy, sparkling water on bottle and energy drinks.

Lincoln limousine 12.000kr
Hummer H6/Hummer 14.000kr
Mercedes/BMW limousine 14.000kr
Rolls-Royce 13.500kr


White limousine with a well-dressed chauffeur for the occasion at your disposal in six consecutive hours within Stockholm including two bottles of sparkling wine, jelly hearts candy and sparkling water on bottle.

Lincoln limousine 9.000kr
Hummer H6/Hummer 11.000kr
Mercedes/BMW limousine 11.000kr
Rolls-Royce Classic 10.500kr


White limousine with a well-dressed chauffeur for the occasion at your disposal in three consecutive hours in Stockholm including one bottle of sparkling wine.

Lincoln limousine 5.500kr
Hummer H6/Hummer 7.500kr
Mercedes/BMW limousine 7.500kr
Rolls-Royce Classic 7.000kr